Internally we call this ‘savvy’ because that’s our aim.
To make you as savvy on social media as we are.

We took the crucial step early on of
embracing the change that social media has brought
to our day to day lives.

We are here to help.

We have been educating businesses on the why and how for over 5 years and leave people feeling inspired yet overwhelmed by all of the information.

We found that even after a workshop people still needed direction. A survey of many workshop attendees found they still struggled to keep focus and are still unsure of what to post. We have reverse engineered all of the reasons that people find it difficult to maintain effort, keep up-to-date and see results in their work.

All of which led to the creation of what we call our ‘Savvy package’.

Workshop Sessions

We go up and down the country delivering an informative, energetic and popular workshop. It is that workshop that we have broken down into bite sized chunks for you to devour.
We pride ourselves on keeping these areas up-to-date with hints, news and strategies.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Weekly Content Calendar

Our team creates a content calendar that details predicted trending topics for the week. The Content Calendar is hosted online but is first briefed LIVE in our Facebook Group every week, giving you the opportunity to ask questions that get answered immediately.


  • Trending Topics
  • Suggested Content
  • Weekly Highlights
  • Video briefing

Free Content

Every week we create content/images and animated Gifs that fall in line with the weeks content calendar. Where ever we suggest a quote or post we provide an unbranded image to be used with confidence.

  • Quotes
  • Memes
  • Trending Hashtags

Digital Strategies

It’s one thing understanding how each platform works, but mastering conversion and delivering results is an art form. We do that every day for our clients and share exactly how you can do it in our strategy sessions. With over 50 hours of strategy in our Facebook group, with more coming each week, we have had to create this one place to house them.

  • Funnels Strategies
  • Platform Strategies
  • Advertising Strategies
  • Seasonal  Strategies

Weekly Digital Strategy Meet-Ups

Every Wednesday evening I deliver our #WednesdayWisdom sessions. These are delivered LIVE via our Private Facebook Group. This gives you the opportunity to get involved and ask questions. They last for an hour and offer real case studies gained from client activity from the agency side of our business.


Support Group

The Group that is used to facilitate our LIVE broadcasts is also used for support. It can be a lonely place staring at those social media platforms stressing over which buttons to press and when. Our Facebook Group offers support anytime (within reason) Monday to Sunday.

When in doubt just ask!


Make it happen today

All of this for only £50 a month.
You won’t believe the difference it makes.


Customers Love Our Savvy Package

  • “I have grown our Twitter following by 57% in 3 months to 2000 just by applying some of Rik's tips.”
    — Karen, Commercial Manager BIGGAltd
  • “I just wanted to say thanks for the workshop last week, great to get some advice and tips but also the confidence to implement them.”
    — Stuart McLean, Marketing Manager
  • “Where do I start enhancing twitter bio with industry hashtags, 80/20 posts, scheduling posts to insight feedback and more, you’ve certainly been an educating and motivating factor!
    — Tom, Graphic Designer

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