At Be More Social, we take a firm, decisive approach to social media marketing.

We made the crucial step early on of embracing the change that social media has forged.

We embrace change. A good job, really.

We’ve been spending extensive amounts of time keeping up with the tidal wave of this Social Media Marketing shift. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other emerging sites have utterly changed the way that marketing works.

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We don’t believe that it’s a small change to be ready for, but that it’s happened and happening now. We also don’t believe that a half-hearted approach to social media is the way forward at all. Given the extent to which social media now dictates revenue, we believe it’s more than important to create your marketing strategy around it. Print media and TV are more expensive, less effective and not at all current enough to stay relevant.


Customers love Our Mentor Package

  • “I have grown our Twitter following by 57% in 3 months to 2000 just by applying some of Rik's tips.”
    — Karen, Commercial Manager BIGGAltd
  • “I just wanted to say thanks for the workshop last week, great to get some advice and tips but also the confidence to implement them.”
    — Stuart McLean, Marketing Manager
  • “Where do I start enhancing twitter bio with industry hashtags, 80/20 posts, scheduling posts to insight feedback and more, you’ve certainly been an educating and motivating factor!
    — Tom, Graphic Designer

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