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*Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

8th December 2017

Delivered in the only way we know how

With passion, energy, knowledge and the all-important fact that everything we speak has been tried and tested.

For one person 😉 

For two people 😉 😆 

For three people 😉 😆 🙃

We will begin our journey

First, we’ll explain why.

You probably hear all the time that you should be using social media for your business; but why?

Then, we’ll talk strategy.

This is the only way to ensure success. By knowing where you’re going you have a stronger chance of reaching your destination. Learn to create a results-driven social media strategy that’s effective, measurable, accountable and contributes to the long-term success of your business.

Finding content.

This is probably the hardest part of social media success. Sometimes you could be looking for hours trying to find something that represents you, your brand and helps to convert sales.

Engaging post types.

Often the way we deliver a status update can also have an impact. It may just be as simple as the way you’ve used the status.

Navigate each platform

L – LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an online networking site specifically aimed at professional business networking – helping you make contacts. This part of the journey will give you valuable advice and guidance on making sure you’re using LinkedIn to its fullest. You’ll look at updating your personal profile, the importance of keywords within your profile, how to find, connect and engage with connections, how to find relevant groups to help move your business forward.

I – Instagram.

Beginning by talking about the ‘whats and whys’ of Instagram marketing for your business, we’ll then walk you through how to optimise your profile, what strategy to follow when posting photos and videos, how to increase your following, advertising on Instagram and best practice tips.

F – Facebook.

A frank and honest view on using Facebook to promote your business. Looking at how individuals use it and how you as a business can capitalise on this. From attracting fans to your page to sponsoring stories to measuring engagement, we look at the whole spectrum of opportunities that this social media platform offers. In this section, we will also cover Facebook ads.

T – Twitter.

We take you through the basics of how to get started on the online micro-blogging platform. We start at the very beginning showing you how to optimise your profile and takes you through posting your first tweet. Then we move on to looking at how you can organise your account. Taking you through the technical aspects, how to interact and where to find customers.

For one person 😉 

For two people 😉 😆 

For three people 😉 😆 🙃

  • “I have grown our Twitter following by 57% in 3 months to 2000 just by applying some of Rik's tips.”
    — Karen, Commercial Manager BIGGAltd
  • “I just wanted to say thanks for the workshop last week, great to get some advice and tips but also the confidence to implement them.”
    — Stuart McLean, Marketing Manager
  • “Where do I start enhancing twitter bio with industry hashtags, 80/20 posts, scheduling posts to insight feedback and more, you’ve certainly been an educating and motivating factor!
    — Tom, Graphic Designer